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Iluma Learning specializes in consulting, strategy, training and development for the heavy equipment industry – supporting OEMs, Dealerships, and Suppliers. Understanding the unique characteristics and complexity of the industry, Iluma helps to simplify processes and build up the most vital asset for the industry – its people.
Amy Parrish Heavy Equipment Management Coach

Amy Parrish

Founder, Chief Disruptor

Amy Parrish is a consultant, speaker and trainer specializing in management and leadership for the heavy equipment industry. Dedicated to helping organizations achieve more and thrive, Amy works with OEMs, dealers and individuals to create greater awareness and improve performance at all levels.

Amy has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in adult education, specializing in corporate training and development. Previously, she has worked as a facilitator for the Certified Public Manager Program for the State of Georgia, trained over 2,000 staff members with the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, and led the 10,000 member volunteer program for the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester, England for which she was awarded An Honorary Member of the Civil Division of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) from her Majesty the Queen.

With over 17 years of management experience in the heavy equipment industry, Amy has worked internationally with OEMs and their subsidiaries and worked in each business area of the industry. She also has worked with Associated Equipment Distributors delivering talks and contributing articles.

MBTI: ENFP | Strengths Finder: Strategic, Communication, Ideation, Futuristic, Individualization Iluma Personality Profile:  Possibilities

Devon Gilchrist

Director of Operations

Devon’s core passion for underlying patterns and systems alongside her ability to drill down to the essence of something and understand how it works—be it a business, a website or the way people move through a process or experience—are strengthened and deeply informed by a successful and results oriented 20 year career in corporate operations, program and systems development, and training and facilitation at a national level with one of the largest multi-family housing REITs in the U.S.

In the background of her professional career, she’s been building things on and for the web since 1997. As a tireless early adopter of new technologies, her appreciation and enthusiasm for its continued evolution integrates perfectly with her drive to develop new systems, platforms and ways of ‘doing’ for companies and the people who interact with them every day to help create new pathways for real and measurable success in the weeks, months and years to come.

MBTI: INTP | Strengths Finder: Strategic, Relator, Intellection, Achiever, Futuristic

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Luisa Benton headshot

Luisa Benton

Facilitator & Curriculum Designer

Luisa Benton is a curriculum developer and trainer who specializes in problem-solving, communication, leadership, and team building. Guided by a strong desire to help people achieve their goals, she strives to promote a positive, growth-oriented environment by creating successful programs that focus on high-quality content.

Luisa has a bachelor’s degree in English and philosophy and a master’s degree in English. She previously worked in academia as a faculty member and department chair, during which time she utilized data to grow her department’s annual enrollment by 36% and created department-wide online courses used by over 2,000 students annually. In addition to teaching and managing an academic department, she trained faculty in best practices for online teaching and course design. She holds certifications in course design from Quality Matters and in effective online teaching practices from the Association of College and University Educators.

MBTI: INTJ | Strengths Finder: Intellection, Learner, Input, Relator, Individualization

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Sierra Gray headshot

Sierra Gray

Graphic Designer

Sierra has been an artist her whole life and a graphic designer for the last five years. She has a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a passion for art and education. Sierra’s goal is to make learning as easy and accessible as possible. Her work on educational assets and presentations help to shape the way our clients learn and understand our goals.

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Babak Javidani

Babak Javidani


Babak’s expertise and experience in the heavy equipment industry spans more than 37 years with a focus on training, human resources and general management in service, sales and marketing. During his 31 years with Komatsu, he worked in all areas of the industry from his initial role as service manager, to General Manager of Training and Administration for 15 years, and finally to General Manager of Corporate Administration and Operations for Komatsu Middle East.

Babak was appointed as one of only five Distinguished Komatsu Employees in greater Asia, and was the first individual in the Middle East to receive the Komatsu President Award in 2020.

Babak has joined the Iluma Learning team to bring his depth of knowledge and experience to our dealers around the world, helping them to grow leaders and build stronger teams.

MBTI: ESFP | Strengths Finder: Developer, Positivity, Harmony, Connectedness, Context

Jake Baca, Videographer

Jake Baca

Working daily on projects ranging from photography to training videos as an integral part of the team, Jake has produced countless works for Iluma Learning helping us achieve goals and successfully connect with our own clients in meaningful ways. With his solid background specializing in world class audio, video, and photographic productions, Jake’s goal is to expand and support the media platforms of all his partners.