Communication Is Key

When talking with members of your team, consider their personality styles. Each style responds best to different ways of communicating. For example, Possibilities styles respond best to positive attitudes, being given recognition, and being asked for their opinions. Action styles prefer to get down to business. They need direct answers and only necessary project details. Relationship styles need time to mull over decisions after they have been given all of the details. And Structure styles benefit from well organized and thought out discussions.

Notice how these styles differ from one another? If we talk to an Action teammate with the approach that would please a Structure teammate they will likely get frustrated or tune out because of too much detail. This is just another reason why knowing the Personality Styles of your team members and customers is crucial to creating meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with them. 

Thinking about others’ styles while you are speaking with them helps you better speak their language. It is important not to get caught up in your own style of communication when speaking with others. Editing ourselves is a skill that takes practice, but the pay off is extremely rewarding as it will allow you to get your point across faster. If you know you tend to go into more detail than most, speak louder than most, or go on more tangents, you can consider this when speaking to others who do not share these traits with you. Check your tone as well, because sounding rude, acting nonchalant, using all caps when writing, or being chaotic and disorganized can just as easily make your partner check out of the conversation. After all, the goal is for your partner to understand the information you are giving them and stay open to your requests. 

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