Personal Conflict Style Quiz


Answer the following questions to find out your Conflict Style

This tool is for your awareness and growth so answer as honestly as you can, thinking about how you really handle conflict most of the time, not how you think you should. You can't get this wrong. Your individual answers will never be shared.

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My belief about conflict is:

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Which statement below is most true for you?

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Which statement below most closely reflects your belief about conflict resolution?

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I believe conflict is:

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When involved in a conflict, I tend to:

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When involved in a conflict with others, I most respect the person who:

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In a conflict, the role I am most comfortable with is:

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The most effective response to resolving a conflict is to:

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A person involved in a conflict should:

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When working toward conflict resolution, you should:

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A successful conflict resolution is one in which:

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How do you think your co-workers would describe you?