Komatsu Salesmen Training

I’ve teamed up with Bill Chimley and Isaac Rollor at the Cartersville Customer Center to improve how we conduct the Salesmen Fundamentals Training this December. Our goal is to refine what we teach on site to be the essential information these new salesmen need about your topic so they can go back out in the field and immediately apply the information you present in their customer interactions and quickly get to their first sale. Check out this brief video tutorial for the details.
Here’s the worksheets I refer to in the video that will help you in editing your presentation so we present the right amount of targeted info that new salesmen need in this first introduction to Komatsu. Edit Personal Note Taking Audit These salesmen may be new to the industry, new to the role of salesman or just new to Komatsu. No matter what, we want to edit and thoughtfully select which information we present so everything they take in during this week of training feels applicable and immediately usable. Check out the video for more details. Need help or have a question? Call me 404-805-1334 or email me at and I’ll be here to support you! See you in December. – Amy