Tap into the Power of AI

As managers in the heavy equipment industry, it’s important to keep an open mind about using new tech to make our lives easier. One thing that’s been a thorn in everyone’s side is writing those technician stories for work orders. Techs hate doing them, and managers hate having to do them for them. But what if we tapped into the power of AI to lend a hand?

Imagine this: instead of spending hours wrangling with words, you could let AI handle the heavy lifting. It’s quicker, smarter, and cheaper than you might think. Plus, it’s easy to use. By letting AI take over the grunt work, we could free up more time for techs to do what they do best and ensure that our documentation is consistent and accurate every time.

To make this happen, we need to team up with the right folks at our dealership. That means talking to the techs to understand their frustrations and getting input from IT or AI experts to find the best tools for the job. With a little collaboration and a willingness to embrace new ideas, we could revolutionize how we do things in the heavy equipment world.

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