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Body Language Continued

Distracting Body Language

When used properly and sporadically, gestures relax the instructor and participant while emphasizing the subject. Gestures need to be natural (as it relates to the subject) and visible to all and will add quality and liveliness to your presentation.

Pay attention to:

How you look

  • Dress and overall appearance
  • Your posture
  • Resist the urge to lean on a podium, put your hands in your pockets or slouch
  • Face your camera during online training if you are using multiple screens

Facial expressions & eye contact

  • Your brow line
  • Relax the muscles around your mouth and chin
  • Don’t sit too far away from your camera during online training

Movements & Gestures

  • Hand movements
  • Open vs. closed-off stance
  • Move around the room