The Importance of Gratitude

There is no better time of year to tell the people in your life that you care about them. But even when the holidays roll around there are some people in our lives who often get taken for granted. These are our coworkers, bosses, customers, office mates, etc.. This is your reminder to tell your coworker you are thankful for their joyful attitude in the office, to tell your customers you appreciate their continued business, to tell someone from another department that you are grateful for the work they do to help you out! Gratitude helps build strong relationships, instills hope, and results in more proactive behaviors towards others.

So take a minute to thank someone this week! Send a card, write an email, give a handshake. Your relationships will be better for it. 

With that being said, Iluma Learning would like to thank you! We are grateful to our readers for being dedicated to bettering themselves and their businesses. We are grateful for our clients for trusting us to create solutions that work for them. And we are grateful for our families for believing in us and inspiring us everyday. 

So thank you!

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