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For the Heavy Equipment Industry

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Proven Management Coaching & Training Specifically Designed for Leaders in Heavy Equipment Dealerships

Personal coaching that turns your managers into leaders.

Managers must first become leaders and this can only be done if they are focused and reminded of behavior change regularly and in a more intensive way.

—Amy Parrish
Founder, Iluma Learning


New Perspectives

We provide new ways of looking at old problems so we can help you create innovative solutions that work.

Focus on the core issues

Spending time focused on the issues that truly matter to YOUR dealership and its people so we help can move you forward in meaningful, measurable ways.

Get to the root Cause

We guide your managers to get to the root cause of real-time issues faster, then we tackle those issues head-on, teaching your managers how to innovate new solutions that work today and for the long-haul.

Create Solutions that Work

Our talented team can create and implement the tools, systems, training and support materials your dealership needs but doesn’t have time to develop – tools that make the job easier, more efficient and help your dealership win.

Big Payoffs

Delivering industry specific leadership knowledge in days rather than years

Compress decades of learning into days

We don’t have time to wait for our managers to “figure it out.” Yet, this is the experience of most managers in the heavy equipment industry. Our dealership specific context is placed into every aspect of training and coaching so your managers become wise leaders fast.

Make professional development a natural habit

Our coaching and development doesn’t end when the monthly session is over. We give your leaders the tools and shifts in thinking needed to carry their development forward, and we reinforce it with regular touch-points and check-ins throughout the month so the topics stay fresh and top of mind.

The Program

How it Works

Kick-off — Phase 1

Preliminary benchmarking and needs exploration through interviews and surveys with each participant

online leadership & management one on one coaching

In-person 2-day kick-off session/retreat with Managers and Executive Team

In person leadership & management coaching conference
Coaching & Development — Phase 2
Dig Deep

Monthly online live 2-hour training sessions with all managers

online group leadership & management coaching conference

Optional in-person 2-day Progress Retreat to go deeper with strategic plans and problem solving

In-person group leadership & management coaching conference
Dig Deeper

On-call Individual Coaching – got an issue? Talk it through with Amy 1:1

Video one-on-one leadership & management coaching
Wrap-Up — Phase 3
Reinforcement & Planning Ahead

In-Person 2-day wrap-up session and planning retreat to fully integrate the last 11 months; certificates presented

On-site group leadership & management coaching conference session
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Examples of Content We Deliver in Live Sessions


Active Listening

Company Culture

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Extend Development to Your Whole Dealership

Once we get your leaders practicing a smarter, wiser approach to leading your dealership, we now can put the whole organization through seamless, online skill development courses that allow everyone to get on the same page and speak the same professional development language.

Micro-learning videos and challenges automatically go out to each employee.

These topics are supported by short interactive discussions that your team leaders will facilitate in their weekly team meetings, thanks to our quick and easy step-by-step facilitator guides.

Make this a natural and simple way to grow the culture of development in your dealership.

Soft Skills People Skills coaching, training and development for people in heavy equipment dealerships

Why Iluma Learning

We Have:

  • 17 years of on-the-ground, real-time coaching and development focused solely on the heavy equipment industry.
  • The rare industry insights required to provide the specific coaching and guidance needed to be effective in a dealership.
  • An impeccable track record in delivering results for our clients.
  • A solid, talented and resourceful team ready to solve any problem and create the tools needed to help our clients overcome the challenges and obstacles they face every day.

We Understand:

  • Your employees and customers, and what it takes to be an effective leader in your unique industry.
  • The day-to-day inner workings of a dealership’s operations.
  • The unique needs and requirements of the various roles at every level of a dealership, from technicians to senior leadership

We Care:

  • About the people we work with
  • About the meaninful impact we have and the results we deliver
  • And we love what we do

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