Where do I start?
I’m nervous.
They’re bored…
and falling asleep.
Train the Trainer avatar
Find your voice & teach with confidence.
Get Confident
During this learning lab you will learn how to:
  • Design course materials and learning activities so your topics come to life for your participants and they can make real-life applications when they return to their workplaces
  • Make your learning environments energizing for both you and your students
  • Teach in all environments, overcoming any distraction or restriction
  • Manage all the various learning and communication styles so no one is left behind
  • Lead discussions, debrief and set context so nothing is lost
  • Learn techniques to increase your confidence in presenting
  • How to write learning objectives so you can measure changes in knowledge and skill
  • Be energized by presenting and teaching because you are teaching something that brings energy and excitement to your group
  • Ensure your audience is getting the most information from what you share and can leave your presentation with new knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • Get in front of the room and love it
The Train the Trainer class is designed for subject matter experts who present and teach specialty and technical information but are not professional trained educators or trainers. This highly interactive, practical course will help you feel confident in making your classes dynamic and interactive, show you how to design for retention and bring your information to life so it matters to your participants.  You will go back into the world feeling excited about training because you know how to put your course together in a way that is personal, practical and transformative.