That stick.

We have our own expertly skilled, talented and highly driven six-person in-house on-line learning development team which is comprised of:

1 Masters in Education
2Curriculum Designers
2Game Developers
2Front-end Web Developers
2UX Designers
3Digital Animators
2Graphic Designers
3Post-production Editors

And sometimes we do it for our clients

We design and build our own on-line learning tracks from the ground up for individuals and teams in Dealerships from technicians to executive leadership. We will also, on occasion, make our in-house development team available to select clients for on-line learning development projects that spark our excitement and inspire our creativity. And because we only take on one project at a time, we can fully focus on creating and building a product that exceeds both our own and our client’s expectations. We are expert custom curriculum designers with a passion for the heavy equipment industry and a solid technical and design team who brings our vision to life. If your company is considering creating your own digital learning experience and would like us to consider your project, contact us today and let’s talk about the possibilities.