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How it works:

The Iluma process gets your group to assess where you are, what your team knows to be true and then gives them an opportunity to connect, build trust and figure out the gaps. From there we meet in small teams and tackle those gaps—working together and independently, and all the while being coached, encouraged and held accountable—learning new ways to solve our own problems, get and stay engaged and grow into higher performing teams—who have created solutions to their own problems while practicing new skill sets and changing behavior.

  • What are we aiming for?
  • What’s really important here?
  • What is so ineffective that we need to stop doing it…yesterday?
  • What’s not being said that really needs to be said?
  • What are people confused about?
  • What’s causing the confusion?
  • What does everyone know but no one is saying out loud?
  • What is the main, simple idea that we want to get across to our customers and each other about what we do?
  • What has to change in order to make us successful and reach our goal?
  • What has to change now to stop us from going under?
  • We make all this corporate stuff too complicated and scary. Today, most people walking around your organization are probably confused but too embarrassed to ask for clarification. This continues until most people sitting in your meetings don’t have a clue what you are talking about when you throw out a bunch of acronyms and don’t give a context. Let’s stop pretending, dig down and get real.

At Iluma we cut through the BS and untangle the confusion. When something is complex (like expensive machines and complicated repairs) the answer is always to make the processes and communication simpler. Your customers are desperate for someone to just get real and fix their problems. Having worked in the heavy equipment industry for 15 years as a consultant, focused on people management and leadership inside this industry, we find that getting into your organization and finding ways to get all the players on the same page, understanding the end goal, and making all the noise go away or at least the volume turned down on the frustrations, we can make real progress, find real meaning in our work and go home happier at the end of the day. We want to DEEP DIVE into a process with you where we start wherever you are and get you where you want to be.

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