Personality Style Quiz


Personality Style Assessment

Answer the following questions to find out your Personality Style.

Answer each question thinking about who you are most of the time, not how you wish you were or how you might feel today only because of things you are having to deal with right now.

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When given a task, what aspect do I tend to focus on first?

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I really want_________in my work:

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I need to:

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In general, I often focus on:

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When I take action, I tend to:

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Which word set am I drawn to most:

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When in a meeting, I prefer the team leader to:

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When I make decisions, I tend to ask:

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What experiences below tend to bother me?

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Which words best describe you?

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This really energizes me:

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Help me:

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There is a task announced at a meeting. You are given a summary of what needs to happen. What else do you need to get started?

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When I mess up or make a mistake:

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Your boss tells you that she has shifted a priority and there is something more important to accomplish on today’s schedule. Your first thought is: