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Training Design Overhaul: the Why & the How

If you’re having important information sessions or training for which you’re investing a lot in the location, travel, materials and people, make sure you have invested in your presenter and training program design so that each dollar returns it’s value back to you two or three-fold in both short and long term outcomes for your company. We work with your trainer or presenter to design and develop training around your core messages that matter. We will drive to the heart of what you want to accomplish, design a program around it and train your presenter on how to deliver it in a truly effective and transformative way. We will help you map out your full program so you can complete its development from a place of deeply informed clarity about your goals, your message and their intended impacts. Cut out the extraneous time so you get down to what’s important quickly. We can run this process for:

  • An annual conference that needs to carry out a theme
  • A one-off training session or program where an internal leader is facilitating
  • Your organization’s entire training curriculum, framework and system—we’ll help you overhaul it so it finally has the positive impact on your bottom line you’ve been looking for

How we deliver training is changing as rapidly as the tech that’s now available. Training is expensive and it’s difficult to measure the end results of real skill or behavior change. Let our experts walk you through a process of evaluating your current training offerings in your organization and determine if there are more efficient and cost-effective ways to educate your workforce. What is the essence of what you’re trying to communicate and what is the clearest and simplest way to get that message across? Design differently.

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