Essential Self-Awareness & Skill Development

Micro-learning that guides everyone in your organization to:

Get on the same page Make smarter decisions Manage conflict better
Solve problems faster Communicate more effectively Perform at a higher level

We know the high cost of replacing an employee in time, money and stress. When you invest in an employee with professional development training, that employee is more dedicated to your company’s mission, customers and getting the job done right. Contact us today

Easily incorporated into your employees’ day-to-day routines

Each lesson includes personal and team challenges, special guidance for leaders, and exposure to newly learned information over and over to ensure full integration.

  Personality Styles
  Communication Skills
  Managing Conflict
  Learning Styles & Personal Skill Development
  Accountability & Trust
  Team Development
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Accountability Worksheet for all participants

Leader’s Guide:

Leader’s Meeting Guide

Leader’s Track:

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Personality Styles


Team Challenge:

Team Challenge Worksheet for all participants

Leader’s Guide:

Leader’s Meeting Guide

Leader’s Track:

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How It Works

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  • Micro learning sprints delivered by drip-feeding new knowledge and awareness
  • Easy to learn and absorb during their regular work week
  • 5 to 10 minutes of downtime: watch a video & complete a worksheet or quiz
  • “Dig Deeper” reminders to keep what they’re learning in front of them.


Managers and Supervisors receive additional tools and guidance with each lesson that teaches them how to:

  • More effectively lead meetings
  • Facilitate and teach new information and processes
  • Deepen trust within their teams
  • Enhance connections so they can solve problems and relate at a deeper level


  • Deepen understanding of the topic by talking about it during team meetings
  • Speed learning to deepen individual awareness and build team performance
  • Includes opportunities, tips & techniques to help quickly integrate the new information
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Why Iluma Learning

We Have:

  • 17 years of on-the-ground, real-time coaching and development focused solely on the heavy equipment industry.
  • The rare industry insights required to provide the specific coaching and guidance needed to be effective in a dealership.
  • An impeccable track record in delivering results for our clients.
  • A solid, talented and resourceful team ready to solve any problem and create the tools needed to help our clients overcome the challenges and obstacles they face every day.

We Understand:

  • Your employees and customers, and what it takes to be successful in your unique industry.
  • The day-to-day inner workings of a dealership’s operations.
  • The unique needs and requirements of the various roles at every level of a dealership, from technicians to senior leadership

We Care:

  • About the people we work with
  • About the meaninful impact we have and the results we deliver
  • And we love what we do
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