The Power of The Weekly Meeting

We at Iluma Learning are strong believers in the weekly meeting! Monday mornings here at Iluma are reserved for a team check-in where everyone has an opportunity to share progress and speak on what they need in order to be successful going forward.

Meetings are more efficient when they are structured. What does structure look like? A simple agenda, keep rabbit holes to a minimum, and make an action plan before you end the meeting. This holds everyone accountable to progress and reporting – plus it clears up uncertainties and gets your team aligned. Best statement for you to make after going through your agenda? – Ask if there are any questions – pause – let them think – and ask for clarification. This will stop many of those small, impromptu meetings that happen as individuals seek clarity because they didn’t have an opportunity to ask questions during the meeting.

BONUS? It naturally becomes a team building and trust building activity.

Whether it’s a twenty minute virtual call or a longer sit down meeting, getting your team into the habit of sharing their challenges and successes every week is guaranteed to build a stronger and more effective workplace!

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