What We Are Reading At Iluma

As leaders, we are always searching for new and better ways to do everything.  So much vital information is published regularly but there is a lot to digest.  A great delegation tool is using a book summary service.  A favorite one of ours here at Iluma is Blinkist.  It’s an annual subscription and gives great, detailed summaries which can be read or listened to in about 15 minutes per book.

It’s a great way to discover new authors, new ideas, and whole new fields of interest, and if you like the summary enough, it gives you a preview before you invest time in the whole book.

You can grok the core of the books’ ideas and take action on them without having to spend the time reading the whole book.  It’s an efficient way to move through a lot of material quickly and test out what other industries are doing to solve their problems.

It’s a must-have tool for busy leaders!

We at Iluma love this online subscription service and have discovered some great material through this app.  Check it out!

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